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"Mane Adige" means "Home Food" in kannada and this blog is all about recipes that I cook. Most of the recipes I post here will be from "Mangalooru" and "Bengalooru " regions of Karnataka,India. Rest of them are the one's which I try out by improvising the recipes got from different sources.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


In Kannada, the word "Huli" means different things in different contexts. It could mean the "sour taste"... Tamarind is also called "Huli" in certain parts of Karnataka..... "Huli" also refers to the sambhar-like coconut based gravy which is eaten with rice.

Huli- the coconut based gravy, is an indispensable part of Kannada cuisine. This coconut based gravy probably gets its name from one of its main ingredients - tamarind. Though very similar to sambhar, huli and sambhar are NOT the same in Kannada cuisine... They differ by a couple of ingredients!! But, most people use the terms interchangeably because of the similarity in looks and taste . So, go ahead and use whatever term you are comfy with!! :)

I had not posted this recipe all this while, thinking it was too common and that every household has their own version of this recipe. Its hard to generalize and come up with one standard recipe. However, a lot of people have been requesting me for this traditional "Huli" recipe for quite some time now. So, here is my version (To be read as "my mother's version" ;)....). You could use any veggie of your choice, like eggplants, cabbage, beans, cauliflower, tindora, or even a combination of veggies, like potato-onion, okra-onion, carrot-onion, eggplant-black eyed beans etc. Enjoi!!

Oh, and btw, Sig from Live to Eat is hosting this month's JFI event(brainchild of Indira from Mahanandi for the ingredient Tamarind - Jihva for Tamarind. I am sending this "Huli" over to Sig's place for her JFI event. Thanx Sig, for hosting!! :)

Suganya, of Tasty Palettes is hosting this month's A Fruit A Month event , AFAM: Coconut. Started by Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual, the AFAM event celebrates one fruit every month. Thanx Maheshwari for having come up with such a brilliant idea, and thanx Suganya for hosting this month's AFAM event. I am sending this "Huli" recipe over to Suganya's place as my entry for AFAM:Coconut!!!


2 cups chopped veggies

1 cup Toor dal (thogari bele), cleaned and washed

3/4 cup Grated coconut, fresh/frozen

1 tbsp Jaggery

1/4 tsp Tamarind paste

Salt as per taste

1-2 tsp Oil/Ghee

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds

4-5 Curry leaves

1/4 tsp Hing

A pinch of turmeric

For the Masala:

2 tsp Chana Dal / Kadle Bele

4 tsp Coriander Seeds

4-5 Dry Red Chilies, low to medium spiced

1 tsp Jeera (optional)

1 tsp Methi seeds (optional)


  1. Dry roast the ingredients for the masala until the raw smell disappears; If you are new to roasting masalas, you might want to roast each of the ingredients separately to avoid over roasting them.
  2. Powder the masalas in a blender without adding any water; Add coconut and some water to the powdered masala and grind to a smooth paste; Keep aside.
  3. Add a couple of drops oil and a pinch of turmeric to the washed toor dal.... Dal is supposed to cook faster with some oil and turmeric; Add enough water to cover the toor dal and pressure cook until done... for about 3-4 whistles.
  4. Meanwhile, clean and cook veggies with some salt and water, until done; You could even combine the veggies with the dal and pressure cook them, provided, you take care not to mash the veggies.
  5. Combine the cooked dal, veggies, coconut-masala paste and mix well; Add water to get the desired consistency.
  6. Boil on medium heat for 3-4 minutes. Add salt, jaggery, tamarind and mix well; Boil further, for another 3-5 minutes and remove from stove.
  7. Temper with mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves; Serve hot with rice/idli/dosa and enjoy!


To make the process simpler and faster, you could make the masala powder in bigger proportions and store them in air tight containers. You could then use 2-3 tsp of "Huli Pudi" (meaning, huli powder) to grind it with coconut to a smooth paste!!!

Prep Time: About 45 mins, including pressure cooking time.

Serves: About 3-4 people.


Finla said...

Yumm it looks delicious.
Woudn't mind to have now with a plate of rice

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Lovely pic....looks tasty too.

Kalai said...

Colorful pic! Looks delicious, Ramya! :)

Dori said...

I like recipes that are different in every household because I can try all the variations and see what is special about each one... Sounds yummy :)

Laavanya said...

That looks like a divine combination! :)

Unknown said...

YUM!..looks delicious..loved the idea of making the masala powder beforehand..

Purnima said...

You hv beautiful pic n wonderfully written post, wd try it and feed back you! New to me dish! :) Tks so much for sharing n simplifying the steps!!

FH said...

I know! Kayi is coconut, or raw veggies etc!:D
Very confusing unless you are a Kannadiga!
Huli looks mouthwatering, another for me to try!:)

Suganya said...

WOW.... That was a nice recipe. Looks so good. YUM!. I could imagine the aroma of the masala...

Vani said...

Huli looks yum, Ramya! I make mine thicker. Good you posted the recipe Ramya. Typical Kannadiga dishes are not that well known. And since each household has it's own version, I think that makes it more interesting than a standard version of any dish.

karuna said...

nice recipe. some of the ingredients are similar to a guharati dal, except the veggies. nice. shld try it soon

Sig said...

Thanks for the delicious entry Ramya... I don't know how to make Huli, so this will come handy for me. Love anything with tamarind and coconut :)
I too sometimes think certain dishes are too common, but there will always be someone out there who doesn't know how to make it.

EC said...

Lovely colour of the pudi...nice entry to the event

Archy said...

Nice pic Ramya !! I love huli with hot rice with some bajji !! Heaven :)!!

FoodieFriend said...

Lokks delicious....
Nice and appetizing pic....
m feeling hungry!
Happy blogging!

Sia said...

wonderful entry ramya. u can send this to suganya's AFAM also.

FH said...

Come and get your award at FH Ramya!:)

Unknown said...

Ramya...i tried this huli and it was awesome.....:) keep posting more n more

Meera said...

That looks so delicious. Wonderful entry.

Andhra Flavors said...

Colorful pic! Looks delicious too.

Anonymous said...

WOW !!
My only concern is u use coconut in everything :( , my dr advised me not to use because of its saturated fat content.
Now is this the norm or do you not use it so often because i c this in all ur recipes ?

Ramya's Mane Adige said...


Well, the main ingredient in most of the south Indian dishes is coconut!!!! It enhances the flavor and taste of the dish. But as a work around, you could add some extra toor dal, to get the thickness and do away with coconut completely. While I wouldn't say it tastes exactly the same as the version w/ coconut, it def is close!!

Anonymous said...

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Defence Today said...


Huli is one of our favorite recipes. If one has tasted the Huli made in Krishna Mutt Udupi, you would know what I mean and I have been looking for a recipe that gives me the exact taste that they make at the temple. Right now, I use Urad dal instead of Chana dal and it comes out pretty good. I find methi seeds gives the inherent taste (but not more than 1/4 tsp) to Huli. Also, while roasting the seeds, if one can make it slightly more than golden brown, a bit darker but not burn it then the taste and color of Huli is enhanced.

Anonymous said...

I tried your Huli and came out Best.I grew up eating Kannada food. My father was from Karnataka and mother from Maharashra. But cooking was done by my grandma we used to call her Amma, she was a living Godess for us. But after she died we got used to eating Maharashtrian taste. Whenever I went to my Chahci's house I used to eat Kannada type food.It was all northern Karnataka type. Very tasty. Also when I went to Sri Raghavendra Swamy Math for food, I used to enjoy Huli and Saru. I am writing all this story to ask you one receipe. Do you know receipe called "Hashi Huli" My grandma used to make it to eat with Mung dal Khichadi. Please please post that receipe if you know.Thanks