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"Mane Adige" means "Home Food" in kannada and this blog is all about recipes that I cook. Most of the recipes I post here will be from "Mangalooru" and "Bengalooru " regions of Karnataka,India. Rest of them are the one's which I try out by improvising the recipes got from different sources.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beetroot Soppu Mosaru Bajji / Beetroot Shoot Raita

Hey folks, I'm back!!! Missed blogging all these days :(

Anyway, tell me one thing.... What do you do with the shoots that come along with the beets?? I used to just chop them off and throw them away until one of my friends gave me a recipe with it. I tried it out few days back and it tasted fabulous!!! This recipe is very mild and soothing..... Perfect for the times when you wanna have something comforting, after all the heavy/festive spreads!! Okay, I'll stop blah blahing here and head straight to the recipe... Enjoi!

Btw, I just saw that Meeta from What's for lunch Honey? is hosting an event for Comfort Foods this month and this recipe goes all the way to her for the Monthly Mingle: Comfort Foods event. Thanx Meeta for hosting!


1-2 cups Curds

Shoot from about 2-3 Beets

1-2 tsp Oil

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds

1-2 Green chilies

3-4 Curry leaves

A pinch of hing

Salt as per taste


  1. Wash and chop the shoots finely; Microwave with some salt and water for about 4-5 minutes or until cooked. You could even cook on stove top with some water and salt.
  2. Beat the curds in a mixing bowl; Add the cooked shoots, salt and mix well; Add water if the raita is too thick.
  3. Heat 1-2 tsp oil and temper with mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilies, hing and add to the raita.
  4. Serve with steamed rice or as an accompaniment with Pulav or any other mixed rice. As simple as that!!! :)


Shilpa said...

Thats a beautiful color Ramya. I have tried the beetroot leaves in different dishes recently, will try this sometime.

amna said...

beet shoots? do you mean the shoots that come out from the top of the veggie or the actual shoot that the plant stands on? i havent cooked with this before! wow! sounds interesting..

Sig said...

Welcome back Ramya... hope you had a nice break... The raita looks great, all pink :)

EC said...

Have never even thought of using those shoots...thanks for the idea

Kribha said...

wow...This is a new recipe to me. Never tried beets in raitha. Love the color.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

healthy raita cool ..... looks tasty.

Ramya Kiran said...

hi ramya.good to see you back.thnx for the email.wil try ur recipes one by one.

FH said...

Beautiful color!:)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Thanx Shilpa!! Yeah, do try and let me know how u liked it :)

By shoots, I mean the leaves that come attached to the beetroot. They look somewhat like the chards... You should try it sometime! :)

Thanx Sig... :)

You r welcome!! :) you should try it out sometime...

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Thnx girl! :)

Ashakka, good to see u here.. nimma brocolli and cream recipe ge comment bidona antha hode, to realize you had disabled comments... Anyway, just wanted to tell you that the recipe looks gr8!! Will try it out sometime and let you know... :)

Thank you! Sure try it out and let me know how it was

Sagari said...

thats a nice recipe Ramya, havent tried using beet shoots and that curd look really sooo comforting

Sihi said...

welcome back ramya...the mosaru bajji looks yum.

Laavanya said...

Lovely color on the raitha Ramya. Nice idea there.

Archy said...

Ramya.. tumba chennagi ede beetroot soppu mosaru bajji.. color sa.. :)..
Shall try this out..

Welcome to blogging..!!

Red Chillies said...

Ramya, that pinkish color looks beautiful. Even I throw away the beetroot stems. Loved your easy method to use them up.

Shella said...

Nice colour of the raita Ramya. Should certainly give it a try.

bee said...

i love beet shoots and look forward to them. thanks for this recipe.

Sia said...

wow ramya, raita with beet shoots. thats a gr8 idea. i usally use them for palya with beet greens or in sambar/kodhel.

Rajitha said...

love the color ramya!

Seena said...

When I get beetroot shoots, will try this and will add to my peel, stem etc collection..:D
Very good color!

Richa said...

hey, nice to see ya back!
lovely color! i make the regular beet raita :)

Finla said...

Beautiful colour.
I must admit i never make anything with beetroot

Mishmash ! said...

I love anything with beet for its color :P we used to make this with beet but never with shoots ! clever one!

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

@Sagari, Eskay,
Thank you so much! :) Yeah, this dish is indeed comforting!

Thanx! :)

Indeed a good idea... Thanx to my friend, actually! And btw, I've been blogging since almost a year now... Thanx anyway for welcoming me again :D

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

@Red Chillies,
Thank you! :)


You are always welcome! :)

Making palya and sambhar is a gr8 idea too!!! Thanx :)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Thanx u! :)

hehe.. Surely!! Let me know how u like it

Thanx so much!

You should try it out sometime.. I'm sure you'll love it! :)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey thanx! :) Yeah, the idea was quite new to me too but i loved it instantly

Raks said...

Awesome coloured raita! Beet root is such a healthy veg:)

Anonymous said...

Great color..

musical said...

Welcome back, Ramya! Hope you had a great time during your break. Beetroot raita is my absolute favorite! I love your idea of using the beet greens in raita, looks so delicious! Next time i buy beets, i am gonna' try this!

Anonymous said...

ooh.. this is definitely an eyebrow riser when you have guests over. It will be priceless to see their reaction when I say it is actually raitha
Great recipe and thanks for sharing

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

@Raks, Gini,
Thanx! :)

Thanx so much! :) yeah, did have a good break... Sure, try out the recipe n let me know how u like it!

haha :D oh yeah, try it sometime n let me know how your guests react!

Lakshmi said...

Wow..sakkathagi ide color. I am tempted to buy beets and try it right away!!

Unknown said...

hi ramya, that dish looks like a dessert :) nice one:)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

thanx :) sure.. try it out n let me know how u liked it!

hehe :D does it??

bird's eye view said...

That looks lovely. I love using the green leaves of any veggie, including moolangi and usually either knead into roti dough or put it into dals, hulis and soups. I have a terrific recipe for beetroot raita which we enjoy in the winters with pulaos, at http://foodandlaughter.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I just love the color! Love beets and have been cooking with them a lot lately. Perfect comfy food!

Anonymous said...

hey the colour is great when i tried the colour became completely red..let me now what does shoot means....:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ramya,
My name is Priya. I am from karnataka too. Ur beetroot raita looks cool.Nice to know all authentic karnataka dishes. I am raised in Bombay. so do not know lot of karnataka dishes. Thx to u for helping me learn.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ramya,

We tried your recipe and the raita tasted excellent!!! Sakkatt ishTa aaytu :-)

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