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"Mane Adige" means "Home Food" in kannada and this blog is all about recipes that I cook. Most of the recipes I post here will be from "Mangalooru" and "Bengalooru " regions of Karnataka,India. Rest of them are the one's which I try out by improvising the recipes got from different sources.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tindora - Chana Sabzi / Thondekai - Kadle Palya

Hello everybody! Hope you all had a great weekend.... Weekend was good for me. Didn't do anything much apart from lazing around and wasting time :). I had big plans of trying out a lot of new dishes over the weekend, but nothing worked out, as usual :).
One of my readers had requested for this thondekai-chana palya recipe long back, and I finally got myself to make it yesterday! I am really sorry about the delay. This recipe is a Mangalore - Udupi speciality. I was making it for the first time yesterday and I completely relished it!!! Hope you like it too.....


1 cup Tindora/Thondekai, chopped
1/2 cup Kabuli Chana/ Chick peas, soaked in water overnight
1/2 cup Grated coconut
2-3 Dry red chillies (low to mediumm spiced)
1/2 tsp Coriander seeds
1/2 tsp Jeera
2 -3 tsp Oil
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
4-5 Curry leaves
1 tsp Lemon juice
A pinch of haldi
A pinch of hing
Salt as per taste


  1. Pressure cook tindora and chana separately until they are cooked; It took me about 2 whistles. Note: Cook chana in salt water. However, tindora can be cooked without water.
  2. Powder the dry red chillies, jeera and coriander seeds in a mixie. After they are powdered, add grated coconut and churn them further without adding water. Keep aside.
  3. Heat oil in a kadai. Temper with mustard seeds, haldi, hing and curry leaves.
  4. Add the masala mixture prepared in step 2 to the tadka and saute for a while.
  5. Add cooked tindora and chana; Add salt and mix well.
  6. Remove from stove and add lemon juice; Serve hot with rice or rotis!


FH said...

Ramya,lazing around is a great way to spend weekend! We had to pamper the dad,went bowling and cooked something special for Arvind.Don't want to cross the dad on his day!;D
Palya looks delicious,I want to try.But I am little confused about which Chana did you use.Is it Chana dal(Kadalebele) or Brown chana or Kabuli chana? Looks like Chana dal but I want to make sure:))

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Thanx Asha! haha :) yeah.... I wishes my dad over oh too.
And yeah, thanx for asking.. I used Kabuli chana. looks like I forgot to mention it in the post. Will go and update it right away!

Sia said...

lazying around sounds too good:)
hey ramya, this is tondekai butti right? i remember one of my konkani friend getting this to school with chapati and dalitoy... mmm...delicious... thanks for the recipe, i was looking for it:)

Prema Sundar said...

channa with tindora is a new combo and I am sure looking from the picture it would have tasted yummy.

FH said...

Thanks Ramya,just came back to check about Chana!:)) Have fun.

Sharmi said...

yummy looking Palya. nice picture. feel like tasting some.

Roopa said...

hmm ramya palya looks delicious. nice combo with kabuli channa.

archana said...

Thats a nice n different combination. Chana and tindora must be tasting gr8 together. Thanx for sharing this lovely recipe :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a very nice recipe :). One of my reader was asking a dish with chana and thondekayi. May be this was the one. I am going to try this soon

Cynthia said...

I've never had Tindor before but anythin with chana is good enough for me :)

Richa said...

hey, dish looks nice, i had posted tindora & kala chana combo sometime back, now i'll try this combo as well. these dal-veg combo are so tasty, right :)

Viji said...

Ramya, somehow i don't like this veggie alone. But seeing your post i should start using it again keeping the nutrients in mind. Very nice. Tks for sharing. Viji

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Not too sure what its called, Sia... I just call it thondekai-kadle palya! :)

@Prema, Sharmi,
Thans girls! Glad you liked it... :)

Thanx girls! Yeah... Tindora-chana is a very nice combo. You should try it sometime :)

Thanx there! :) Glad you liked it...

You are right, Richa... Dal-veggie combo is really lovely. I enjoy it too :)

awww... I think you should try it couple of more times, viji. you'll definitely start loving this veggie!! :) Glad you liked this recipe...

Anonymous said...

THank you..thank you..very very much...i have been in seaqrch of this recipe from last 8 yrs..i love this tondora recipe...u are such a sweet girl....



Anonymous said...

BTW the tindora chana subzi I had had black chana, garlic and tamarind instaed of lime juice...will try ur version



Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Glad you found what you were looking for, on my blog... Well, using back chana and tamarind juice sounds like a nice variation! I'll try it out sometime too! thanx

Anonymous said...

Ramya-never knew you were a pro with cooking in college...this one turned out to be excellent for me. Its a typical tasting recipe served on the banana leaf n we all simply loved it. I've referred ur website to my frens here n they have passed their bunch of thanks to u :-) - Ramya Shetty