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"Mane Adige" means "Home Food" in kannada and this blog is all about recipes that I cook. Most of the recipes I post here will be from "Mangalooru" and "Bengalooru " regions of Karnataka,India. Rest of them are the one's which I try out by improvising the recipes got from different sources.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Connect Mysore Palace- Bangalore Cubbon Park - Mangalore Beach....... You guessed it right, its Churumuri!!! I dont think theres anyone whoz not fond of Churumuri. Here's the recipe that I follow to make Churumuri. Enjoi!!


2 cups Murmure/Mandakki

1 Onion medium sized, finely chopped

1 Carrot, grated

1 tbsp Roasted Peanuts

1 tsp Lemon juice

1 tsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Black pepper powder

1/4 tsp Chilli powder (medium spice)

2-3 strands Cilantro, chopped finely.

1/2 Cucumber, sliced

2 tbsp Fine Sev

2 tbsp Oil

Salt as per taste


  1. Take the oil in a large mixing bowl. Add chopped onions, carrots, peanuts, sugar, salt, pepper,lemon juice, chilli powder and mix well. Taste the mixture and adjust as you desire.

  2. Add murmure to this mixture. Garnish with cucumber slices, sev, cilantro and serve immediately.

Tip: As a variation, you can use tamarind juice and jaggery instead of lime juice and sugar. This would give a little different flavour and colour!!


Asha said...

Churmuri in my fav snack.I make Salsa Bhelpuri here with rice crispies!!:D
I miss churmuriwith Indian style with thick white puri.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...


Yeah.... Churumuri is my fav snack too. I can have it at any time of the day and as much as you offer!! :)

Seema said...

oh Ramya, your charmuri reminded me of mangalore's kadri park charmuri. Allinu exactly like your presentation they serve it with 2 slices of cucumber alwa. Nice Nice.

Sharmi said...

I have not had this from long time. ur pics tempt me to make a plate.
nice recipe.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...


right Seema.... miss the kadri park churmuri :(

Seena said...

have given link to your site..will come back to check your recipes..keep posting more..

tarlesubba said...

taking on gaDi churumuri.
yentha dhayrya!! :)

John Joseph Immel said...

What I appreciate most in Indian chaats are the fresh herbs and cucumbers combined with the roasted, crunchy base.

Sanctified Spaces said...

Oh jeez..Im in luck...i did not see your chur muri post...thank you ..thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this

Anuradha Jayaseelan said...

Hi Ramya, i was looking out for some quick chat recipes and landed up in your site...

am going to try it immediately...thanks for the post....


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