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"Mane Adige" means "Home Food" in kannada and this blog is all about recipes that I cook. Most of the recipes I post here will be from "Mangalooru" and "Bengalooru " regions of Karnataka,India. Rest of them are the one's which I try out by improvising the recipes got from different sources.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



A  North Karnataka recipe for you guys this time!! My aunt lives in Haveri. The cook at her home had earlier worked at a north Karnataka speciality restaurant, I suppose. So, my aunt's family gets to savour some of the traditional north Karnataka dishes, and I get to collect recipes from her cook and try them out in my kitchen :)

When I got hold of this recipe from her, I wasn't too impressed initially..... "Kadle hittu palya na?? thooo...." I thought! But I was so wrong. It tasted so different and refreshing! It was very different from the usual South Indian  style palya's, but I relished it thoroughly! If you are the kind that prefers dry sabjis,  this one is definitely worth a try. Here is how to make it....


1 cup Besan/Kadle Hittu/Chickpea flour

1 Onion, medium sized

1-2 tbsp Water

1 tsp Chili powder

1/2 tsp Haldi/Turmeric powder

1/2 tsp Jeera powder

1/2 tsp Sugar (optional)

1 tsp Lime juice

1 tbsp Cooking Oil

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds

1 strand Curry leaves

2-3 strands Cilantro, finely chopped

1 tbsp Grated Coconut (optional)

Salt as per taste


  1. Peel and finely chop the onion; Keep aside.
  2. Heat oil in a pan; Temper with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
  3. Add the chopped onions and fry until they turn lightly brown; saute regularly.
  4. Add haldi, chili powder, Jeera powder, salt, sugar and mix well; Cook for a minute.
  5. Add besan to it and roast until you smell the fresh aroma of roasted besan (about 1 min).
  6. Add water little by little until the mixture forms a single dumpling ; Saute continuously to make sure no lumps are formed;Cook covered for about a minute or two - saute regularly.
  7. Remove from stove; Add grated coconut, chopped cilantro, lime juice and mix well.
  8. Serve hot with rotis/chapatis and relish!

Prep Time: About 15-20 minutes;

Serves: 2 people;


LG said...

ee palyada bagge bhala kelidini..but never tried. Looks good :)

Prathibha said...

I heard of this many times because even maharastra ppl prepare this..I made once junka with spring onion,it was semi solid type..But never tried this dry version..looks yummy

AshKuku said...

The situation is similar to that of mine.... When my hubby spoke about besan ki subzi, I was like what??? I know of pakodas.. & other fried stuff..where it is used..but subzi, nut I was wrongs it tastes too good.... the subzi, the kadhi..everything is too perfect.... & yum!!!

This prep u posted is yum too... I would love to try & get him taste this too... from Karnataka.... :-0


AshKuku said...

too many typos... oops!!! sorry

Shrutzz said...

hey something I have never heard of..Good one...I will exlain my MIL and mom, so they can try....When I start cooking, I will jump at such new palya's....
cool one...
Keep up the good wrk...nce write up on recipes

Asha said...

Love Jhunka with Bhakri, yum.

Happy Cook said...

I have neve rhad this, but in indeed look so good, love that colour too.

Ramya Kiran said...

Hey ramya good to cu back on ur blog..looking fwd to see many more recipes.Hey btw can you post a recipe for fresh fruit salad?I havent been successful in finding 1 online so I thought you wud be the best person to ask.Thnx in advance.

Parita said...

What a gorgeous pic!!

Smitha said...

Love Junka..super agirutte :)

DEESHA said...

I love jhunka/zunka .. it has always been a classic Maharastrian dish .. always a staple with bhakri

Ashwini Prasann said...

Hey.. this is my hubby's fav.. he is from north karnataka..

I have 2 things for ya..

1. You r doing an amazing job.. all your recipes are awesome

2. This junuka has many forms...
i. If its like a thick paste.. i mean.. watery consistency.. it tastes very gud with rice n ghee
ii. They also modify the solidified version of this to junukada vadi(vade in bangalore dialect - i.e. similar to mysore pak method)
iii. third one is like what you have done .. like palya

I love your blog.. keep up d gud work.. 3 cheers to ya..

- Ashwini

Anupama said...

I make something similar to this with rice flour. Have to try this now :-)

Usha said...

Jhunka is very famous in Maharashtra, I make a version with spring onion ! This one looks delicious :-)

Shri said...

It looks absolutely delicious, Ramya!

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

I have never tried this gotta make this for sure!!! the vibrant color and the spices make me want it more!!!

Shubha said...

Tried this recipe yesterday and came out really good. My hubby liked it..Thanks a lot.

Uma said...

looks so tempting and yummy.

Malar Gandhi said...

Sounds different and nice...never had them b'4...thanks for the recipe

Madhuri said...

Yum recipe and you have almost all mangalorean recipes.will be back

Jyoti said...

The pic looks gr8.. I was very intrigued by the name of ur blog.. it sounded french to me.. But the very first line solved my curosity.. I am inspired to try some karnataka cuisine.

I have shared some awards with you. Please collect it from my blog.



Tina said...

First time to ur beautiful blog...Luv ur food snaps and presentatios...

Anonymous said...

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Vanamala Hebbar said...

Lovely recipe...will try sometime

snavile said...

Very Interesting Ramya, My best friend is from North karnataka, I'll ask her mom if she does this and may be taste it with jolada rotti!

Maya said...

I am very impressed by your blog. Being a Bangalorean I am finding dishes here that I have not heard in a long time after my grandma passed away.

Keep up the excellent work. You have no idea how many good memories you have been stirring :)

A big thank you for your efforts.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Shubha said...

Hi Ramya,Great blog you have here. I love jhunka, but what I (we) make is a little watery . Bhakri and jhunka is integral part of lunch at my mothers place.The picture of What I see in yours seems more like what we call Pitla (based solely on the conistency of the picture i mean)... I guess nomenclature changes in regions.Glad to have visited here now I can cook more delicious dishes. Thanks for the recipes..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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vidya said...

hi, for the Jhunka recipe, can we add tomatoes or is this recipe best without it?

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Swathi said...

hey Ramya... Amazed to see your food blog in Sify. Good going girl! yummy!

Mahesh, Stockholm. said...

Tumba channgittu.


shehnaz said...

Hey!! this dish reminded me of our stint in hubli..i was pregnant with my 2nd one ,and had 2 lovely pregnant ladies as my neighbours...And man..was I game for some authentic north karnataka food!! It was a real treat for me! This dish was the one I carried home,everytime,along with me,after attending their godh bharaayi function.Isnt it fun,they have a traditional spread everytime someone visits during pregnancy?!

Shubha Balasubramanya said...

Hi Ramya, m visiting ur blog for the first time n i instantly got hooked. Love ur recipes. Quite a few variations from what i normally do. So would love to try them. Oh BTW m a Bangalorean too.

You r doing a great job.. thanks for sharing ur recipes.